Press release issued by the Attorney Masood Haider: a blatant assault on the highest supervisory and legislative authority in Iraq

2015-12-06 19:16:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - Press Release

Yesterday evening Saturday, 05/12/2015 In a shameless act nor official blatant assault on the highest supervisory and legislative authority happened in Iraq represented by the Council of Representatives of Iraq by bypassing the national intelligence officers and Interior Ministry device officers participating teams to work at Baghdad International Airport on the prestige and dignity of the legislature, where he was attacks on a number of gentlemen Kurds House of Representatives, especially on the person of the speaker before the two officers above provocatively can not accept it nor tolerated.

Compared to how to handle menial has been treated by a member of the Iraqi parliament shows the reality of the situation dire, but the shameful fact dealing with citizens at Baghdad International Airport, and by this serious situation calls for directing maximum disciplinary and administrative penalties against Moumi them to their calendar and teach them the functions and duties of the job which is the service of the citizen does not offend him and at the same time to be the catalyst for other employees of all state departments and private security services and should be good in dealing with citizens.

We and evidence of several suspect that the disposition of the infamous above intentional and systematic, and the aim is to block the entry of Kurdish MPs in Baghdad, especially in this period in which to discuss the federal budget for the year 2016 law take place, as the arrival of Representatives Kurds to Baghdad was ahead of normal for the sessions to the presence of many the special task of the budget discussions, and obstruction of their income in this way means a direct and targeted racial discrimination and nationally is completely unacceptable especially is not the first time that the House of Representatives of the Kurds exposed to the disgraceful actions at Baghdad International Airport.

Based on the above go speech to the Prime Minister if he was careful fact the unity and completion of the understandings on the management of the state and a special budget next year, he must prove that the facts and to intervene personally to hold negligent and guidance to prevent all kinds of excess and prejudice to any Kurdish citizen not only Kurdish officials.

With appreciation
Deputy Engineer
Masood Haider Rustam
Member of the Finance Committee