wmawhite (Dinar Guru) - we are looking for one particular event and that is a change in the status of the IQD…and the IMF has indicated that Iraq will be entering the “markets” during the first half of 2016. In order for Iraq to enter the “markets” the IQD needs to change.

It may seem odd but of all the dinar investors I know, the one particular event they all seem to share a common interest in is, seeing a change in value where each million dinar they hold becomes worth a million dollars, or at least $100,000. I don't see any of them getting excited about just "any change" in status. Many of them have been in this long enough that they've witnessed all sorts of changes already. The only change that matters to them at this point is the one that brings the investment on par with the guru speak they've been listening to and reading about for so long, that change being the one which returns at least $0.10 per dinar with no lop.