Association of private banks held the third annual conference with the participation of Arab and wide

Author: AR, ASJ, HH
Editor: AR, HH

2015/12/06 12:43

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Association of private banks announced on Sunday, for the Third Annual Banking Conference in the 12th of the current month of December first, in the capital Baghdad with the participation of Arab and wide, with the economy the parliamentary committee confirmed that the conference will chart a roadmap for private banks.

The executive director of the Association Tariq during a press conference held in Baghdad and attended (range Press), he was "out of support the banking sector and the economy of the country and faces of security and economic challenges, keen Association to organize the third annual banking conference in the capital, Baghdad, on 12 and 13 of the this December. "

Tariq said that "the Conference characteristic for this year is the presence of Arabic to the heads and representatives of a number of Arab central banks as well as Arab banks as well as government and private Iraqi banks," pointing out that "the conference will be under the auspices of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Governor of the Central Bank and with the active participation by academics and experts in the banking and economic sector. "

For his part, Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani said during the conference that "it is hoped that this conference will draw a roadmap for private banks in order to support the country's economy," stressing that "private banks, is today a real build Iraq and support of a partner."

The banking system in Iraq is made up of 43 banks, as well as the central bank, and are distributed according to government ownership between seven and 30 waged, including seven Islamist, as well as six foreign banks and is distributed as follows: 600 branches throughout Iraq.