Baghdad: efforts to hold a national conference before the Arab Summit and the mass-Maliki accuses Allawi demands to lift the ceiling, taking advantage of events

26.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - -
BAGHDAD - Omar Starr -

life as it prepares the Preparatory Committee of the
National Conference to hold its fifth meeting in two days,
went up a coalition «the rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the «Iraq», led by Iyad Allawi, the tone of their speeches and exchanged accusations about the intention of each party to derail the upcoming conference . Allawi was threatened the day before yesterday asking «the problems of Iraq's internal» in front of an Arab summit in Baghdad end of the month if the delay in the National Congress to what follows. He said the coalition of the «rule of law» that this threat is consistent with «attempts to blackmail practiced by the Iraqi to raise the ceiling of their demands before Conference ».The MP said the coalition Jawad Albzona «life» that «the masses see the need to hold a national conference before the Arab Summit to come up with an atmosphere positive and common positions in this event, the Arab is important, but Iraq is seeking to exploit the situation and raise the ceiling of its demands». He pointed out that «the most prominent of these demands to resolve the issues of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq». He added: «We can not accept put domestic issues at the Arab summit we do not know whether Iraq intended to derail the conference or to use the summit». He pointed out that «the issue Hashemi legal can not be solved politically, the issue of al-Mutlaq All attempts at reconciliation between him and the Prime Minister failed, and we renew our call for his appointment as Vice-President of the Republic instead of al-Hashemi to solve the problem ». Some of the media leaks pointed to attempts led by Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi for the collection of al-Maliki and al-Mutlaq in his home. But al-Mutlaq, launched a scathing attack on al-Maliki and the new charges b «dictatorial» , said in a statement The «Maliki today act more of a dictator when it underlines the lack of faith in the law because, when taken into the identity card of the officer rank of director general in the office of the government, this means that this employee can not enter his constituency and the exercise of his career without a legal reason». He added that «to resolve the issues with al-Maliki is through submission to the Parliament for a vote if parliament voted no confidence Vmbrok them, and if this is not done, the Prime Minister to accept it because we come to a political consensus now rejected by Maliki ». He continued: «We have come through a vote in the parliament and I asked that the matter to the House of Representatives and I said I would accept any decision whether to vote Democrat, and what I fear is to be voted in a sectarian If this occurs, you'll end political harmony and national and social». He stressed that he would not apologize to Maliki «because the issue of the country is greater than the issue of apology between me and him», pointing out that «the issue raised in the media concerning my capacity as a dictator started mainly the issue of basic fundamental interest of all Iraqis a national balance in the state institutions that were built in a sectarian and party». and Conference National said Maltk: «I am afraid to fail the Conference or to become a mere process Tboois beards and this does not serve the Iraqis», wishing to «solve this meeting, even if part of the dilemmas fundamental in the country, most notably to agree that there is a real participation in government and to participate each Parties in decision-making ». He added that «Iraq will host the Arab summit and await the arrival of Arab leaders and there are so-called statements of convulsive very against some Arab countries, even if it is called these statements do not designate states given but it is clear that he meant this or that country». was representative of the «Iraq» in the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference Hussein Shaalan said yesterday that «the fifth meeting of the Committee of the Preparatory Conference will be held during the next two days to complete the discussion papers of the political blocs».​​The leader of the «Kurdistan Alliance» «life» that «the date of the National Conference will be ahead of the summit Arab and that what was raised about the possibility of his contract after they are suggestions from some lawmakers stated to the media ». He added: «There will be a fifth meeting of the Preparatory Committee and we will try to get out paper work uniform and identification of a specific date for the conference is the place to accept all political parties».