Assurances to pass the budget bill this month


MP Mohammad Salim clasped stressed that "the House of Representatives recognizes the 2016 budget this month." He clasped that "Iraq is an urgent need to approve the general budget of the country's law in a short period," asserting that "the House of Representatives will adopt the 2016 budget this month." He also added that "there are important laws on the doors of parliament will Pthariaha after the legislative recess, such as the National Guard Law, and other laws that affect the lives of Iraqi citizens." The parliamentary finance committee has been revealed in the earlier amendments by the government in the doors of the financial budget for next year, included the reduction of expenditure and income. The House of Representatives ended the regular Minutes, held Sundays from last week to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 and estimated the Ministry of Finance the price of oil rate within the budget of 2016 dollars to 45, and the export of 3.6 million barrels per day, while confirming that the budget revenues will amount to more than 84 A trillion, 73 billion dinars. Meanwhile, a MP from the coalition forces Abdel Azim and Healing, The House of Representatives will occupy after the resumption of its meetings next week to prepare a draft budget law. Healing and added that "the parliament and after the resumption of its meetings will serve to prepare the budget," adding that "there will not be time to discuss other laws, The budget where it extremely difficult since the financial abundance are not available and you need to imagine an economic and financial right." He ruled that the House discusses the important laws during this month is the General Budget Law, pointing out that "laws can be discussed but it will be marginal, but the main issue during this month will be the adoption of the budget law". Healing and pointed out that "the vote on the budget is not difficult," adding that "it is difficult it is to pass the budget and realistic fit the price of oil and meet the aspirations of the masses and reforms, and create real is fake budget, the parliament fair by the segments of the society, which represents important issues such as displaced people and popular crowd these files You will enter the line on the budget and need a political consensus. " It is said that the most important legislation that awaits approval in the House of Representatives, the draft budget for fiscal 2016, which Parliament ended the discussion at the 22 of November last law, the Cabinet approved in 24 of the same month to be adjusted to reduce the deficit, which is estimated B22.7 trillion dinars, equivalent to 21% of total expenditure compared to the expenses of 106 trillion dinars. And was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, the government announced that the amendment to the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 to reduce the total budget by five trillion dinars. Tamimi said, "it has become the budget after the reduction of 101 trillion dinars in order to reduce the deficit, but the House has yet to receive this amendment formally," pointing out that "this reduction will affect the re-allocations in many of the budget items." According to what was said by a member of the Finance Committee, the size of the deficit reduction in the new budget [101 trillion dinars] with the same survival of the imports [84 trillion dinars] will drop to 17 trillion dinars and constitute 16.2% of the total budget.