Iraq and Syria Tgheian joint shipping company

2015-12-06 04:10:19

| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Canceled the governments of Iraq and Syria, the Joint Shipping Company, which was founded in 2001 during the regime of Saddam Hussein, because of the low fiscal revenues.

He said Iraqi Transport Minister, Baqir al-Zubaidi, during a press conference with his Syrian counterpart Ghazwan lifted, in Baghdad, "We have a problem in the shipping stalled for work and there is only one ship and there salaries, maintenance and fees, was agreed at a meeting today, the liquidation of this company Based on a previous agreement of the General Assembly of the company. "

Zubaidi stressed that his country "has been severely damaged as a result of road transport stops between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, and thus goods up today to ports, and this is expensive for us, so we are working to end the Daash file and re-energize road transport".

Zubaidi pointed to retain the work of the joint land transport company, saying "was signed today by the Assembly is meeting the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport, which was founded in 2001, where it was agreed to continue the company's work, especially after they have achieved this year, significant financial profit compared Minutes last year. "

He said Syrian Minister of Transport, Ghazwan lifted, that the results of his visit to Iraq "was excellent, and there was complete agreement on what his plans Governing Council of the road transport company, and this will encourage the company to take its role in Syria and Iraq."

The Syrian Minister of Transport has reached Iraq, Friday, at the head of a government delegation, in response to an invitation by his Iraqi counterpart Baqir al-Zubaidi.

And it stopped wild commercial traffic between Iraq and Syria almost completely last year, after gunmen seized control of the organization "Daash" on the border area between the two countries.