Sulaimaniyah opens new with Iran, expressing expects to ease the financial crisis
2015-12-06 02:34:40

| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

"Siran bin" land between the cities of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan province and a port opened "as" Iran's third gateway in the province of Sulaymaniyah, after I got to maintain the consent of the federal government in Baghdad for the opening of the port.

He noted the governor of Sulaimaniyah Aso Feridun - in a speech on the occasion of the port - the opening of the importance of the new terminal to the Kurdistan Region in the promotion of trade and economic relations with Iran, suggesting that the city "as a" free trade center in Iran, and the new terminal allows citizens freedom of movement and trafficking more freely.

He predicted the governor of Sulaimaniya to ease the opening of new crossing of the financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region, where they will provide many job opportunities for citizens in the region.