Abadi: We are working to pass the anti-terrorism law and we will be pushing toward the approval of parliament
Saturday 5 December 2015 16:09

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Saturday that his government is working to pass the anti-terrorism law, and vowed that he will press toward approval in parliament, called in to remove the device from the politicization and maintain its independence.

Ebadi said in a statement issued on the sidelines of his visit, the leadership of anti-terrorism headquarters received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "The device managed to prove his strength on the ground, and achieve victories over the enemy," adding that "to maintain the vitality of the machine and strengthening is essential to the Iraqi state."

"The device is a vital and essential in the security system, which is generally terrorism and steadfastness strike force is generally the enemy re confident security system because this device to defend all Iraqis, regardless of affiliation, religion, sect and nationalism."

Abadi and that "the importance of this device comes from the first two principles of higher training and the second commitment laws is a disciplined force is respected by all Iraqis," pointing to "the need to keep the device and all other security forces from politicization and maintain its independence and that its management be linked to a central".

Abadi pointed out, "We are working to pass the anti-terrorism law and we will be pushing toward approval in the parliament," explaining that "the organ has a fundamental role in the current our condition and our external and internal challenges and our support for the device is in support of the security system and the homeland and the citizen."

He expressed surprise at the "Some try to create a state of conflict, conflict and problems between the security forces and volunteers of the heroes of the popular crowd, as well as between the security services themselves, which makes us put a question mark around them."

Abadi and called for "increasing the attention to the intelligence that are earning citizens device which succeeded it," praising "the sacrifices made by the device and the importance of care of the families of the martyrs and the wounded."

A spokesman for the anti-terrorism device morning Naaman said in (November 29, 2015), said that the delay in adoption of anti-terrorism law due to "political Almancavat," pointing to the existence of conflicting reports on the withdrawal of the government to the law of the device from the House of Representatives or not.