Zamili: we need support States with weapons and our soldiers are able to fight terrorism
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the security and defense committee in Parliament of quitting, on Friday, the need for Iraq to support States with weapons, alluding to the ability of Iraqi troops to fight terrorism, and defeat.
He said Zamili told {Euphrates News} today, "We categorically reject any ground intervention, or dropping off Joey American, or Arab, or Muslim in Iraq, we do not need to human capacity; for we have achieved victories wide terrorist Daash gangs, from the Amerli, and cliff victory, and Diyala, Tikrit, and Chinese, and others. "He added that" the US side has arguments and intentions, and even what is going to talk to some US figures who have visited Iraq, such as John McCain or the Minister of Defense talked about the formation of the forces of strong {100} thousand troops led by American Muslims and Arabs, "returned the subject interference in Iraq's internal affairs next election propaganda for them, especially as they are going to elections." He pointed out that we decide to enter or not to enter, so Ananaj entry of any soldier, whether Arab, or foreign, or of any other party to Iraq, noting that "the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, the prime minister said with most of the media agencies that we Ananaj to ground troops, but we need a weapon and ammunition." The officials demanded that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that puts American attitudes politically and security in the evaluation circuit, and that the Iraqi people briefed on the results which have achieved nothing, and that all American attitudes toward Iraq indicate that they are working on the division of Iraq and the fragmentation project. and was a member of the US Senate, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have called for the formation of a force of 100 000 troops foreign countries, mostly from the Sunni region, in addition to US soldiers to fight Daash gangs in Iraq and Syria. It ended 1 h