Iraqi officials to extort foreign companies .. in order to involve their parents in the contracts (details)

03-12-2015 06:30 PM

Financial and administrative corruption case Iraqi society suffered severely, until the country has become one of the developed countries in this disease on a global scale.

Not the Iraqi citizen, only to suffer from this problem but extended arms of corruption to foreign security companies operating in Iraq by senior Iraqi officials in order to to involve their parents in the contracts and the allocation of quotas and Msawat companies to pass their work.

and exposed to occasional security companies operating in Iraq to blackmail by those in charge of the security forces and senior officials in the Iraqi government.

According to press reports that the security company suffered from the pressures and blackmail financial hampering its work in Iraq.

confirmed Inc. (M.n) operating in Iraq that, that the roots of corruption does not end in the state ministries, revealing the sources said many security companies operating in Iraq is preparing to close its offices because of the pressures faced by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.

Sources familiar with ', The' companies security incur heavy losses because of the Ministry of Interior procedures and other security agencies, which in turn will reflect negatively on the performance of their work and the difficulty of ensuring real protection for teams and foreign experts working in Iraq '.

He said an informed source in one of the foreign companies, who requested anonymity, said that' overlap between the leaders of the operations in Iraq and between the Ministry of Interior impact significantly on the work of companies and simplest survival security convoys parked in Sitarat and checkpoints for hours in order to obtain approvals to enter a specific area in spite of the licensed companies and legally from the Ministry of Interior ', noting that' these actions have a negative impact on the psyche of investors and experts , what forces them to return to their countries.

"The source continued that 'all of these complexities cast a shadow on large contracts belonging to oil companies and other investments in the field of electricity and energy and most of the companies that you work with security companies, and explained that disable their vacation is not to examine the work of the companies' even force us to pay bribes by saying to them '.

According to news site, said that the elements of the Registration, Evaluation Directorate of the Interior Ministry security companies exercise their grip on the owners of companies operating in Iraq and demanding payments until the passing of their transactions.