Abadi, the future prime minister is on the line .. and factions of the popular crowd declares that he digs his grave with his hand (details)

03-12-2015 08:30 PM

Says the National Alliance and feuding Shi'ite influential in Iraq, said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi dig political grave with his hand and undermine the fight against al Daash if it is allowed to deploy the power of a new US special operations in the country.

Abadi partners politicians will never accept an expanded role for American forces and insisted that Prime Minister I would not dare to act on its own after the withdrawal of parliamentary support for his program of internal reform last month because of concern that have not been extensive consultations enough before making important decisions.

Mohammed Naji MP from the Badr Organization and one of the local leaders to PDF crowd, which includes Shi'ite fighters and other anti-Daash ' If the take-Abadi single decision approving the deployment of US special forces will Nstjoppe in Parliament. He knows very well that the interrogation could lead to a vote of no confidence '.

He said Naji The fear is that the US Special Forces soon as they are published has turned its attention to the eventual prosecution of the popular crowd leaders and politicians senior Shi'ite some of them are listed on the list of American terrorism.

He said of quitting , it may not be for the government to give a mandate for the deployment of ground forces in Iraq even if the exploratory forces or intelligence gathering.

He supported the Virtue Party leader in the Shiite alliance that Ammar Tohme position, saying that the parliament alone is not Abadi has approved the existence of fighter foreign forces authority.

The rejection of any the expansion of the US role in the country, no matter how limited or gradually stems in part to the absolute lack of confidence on the part of the Iraqis and their leaders in Washington's intentions.

He said another deputy of the National Alliance 'for Ebadi, the give the green light for the deployment of US troops in Iraq may not be just a salvo fireworks in the foot, you will be shooting in the head '.