Iraqi government include pensions "austerity" measures

By Ziad al-Haidari

46 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

Iraqi Association of Retired Persons revealed, on Thursday 03/12/2015, for the inclusion of an austerity retirees, drawn up by the government, and with the Assembly stressed that arbitrary action against retired, appealed to the religious authority to intervene stop it.

According to a statement of the Assembly, seen by Roudao network media, he was "in an arbitrary been crawling austerity on pensions in an illegal move included scores first pension, second, third, fourth and fifth of the total of the six grades pensions at a time when this segment suffers from pressure harsh conditions of life for two reasons. The first is exorbitant rise in prices and the large number of daily life requirements. "

The statement continued, "The second reason is exceeded the majority of retirees age of seventy, and instead of providing support to them, as do countries which respect Ansanha working human rights principles, the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet to waive on these poor salaries and reduced claim the prime minister as the amount of simple but Mutrh" adding, "We respond to it by saying that Maprrtm do you adapt, fateful unacceptable."

He added that "the main causes of rejection are, that the deduction of retired illegal because they are outside the public service, as you know by their salaries which do not meet half the daily they need, and even if Asreetm on that he should have been applied only to retirees who are of the three presidencies, ministers, MPs and grades private and not for the poor people who spent old product and Avni flower of his youth in service and build a home. "

The Assembly also appealed, according to the statement, a good reference and all civil society organizations and the media audio-visual, visual and national forces and parties and all civilian activists and commissions of the popular movement coordination in Baghdad and the provinces, journalists, writers, artists and social figures of "solidarity with this our demand that affects the lives of millions of families of pensioners" , calling at the same time "all retired to prepare for the possibility of the establishment of demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces in the event of failure to respond to our demand."