ĢInvestment Guaranteeģ expects $ 4.4 trillion investment in the region until 2020

03 12 2015

To encourage investment in a meeting at the Arab League bodies

Arab Foundation is expected to ensure the Investment and Export Credit (guarantee) to reach local and foreign government and private total volume of investments in the Arab countries about $ 4.4 trillion over the next five years 2016-2020.

The head of the unit Studies Ahmed hyena in the organization in a working paper presented to a meeting to encourage investment in the Arab countries bodies hosted today the Arab League in Cairo that the total investments in the region could take years, an upward trend from $ 639 billion in 2015 to about 853 billion dollars 2020, expected to acquire four oil-producing countries are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Algeria and Qatar, more than two-thirds of the expected investments in the region, with expectations Petrkzha in the oil and gas sector, and services of all kinds, especially if the political and security situation stabilized and recovered oil prices from current levels have been implemented many legislative and administrative reforms and further development of infrastructure and intensify promotion efforts.

He favored the hyena that the Arab countries in attracting foreign investment, if the share of the Arab countries of foreign direct investment settled in the world about the work directly the value range between 250 and 400 billion dollars and an annual average of between 50 and 70 billion dollars a year over the next five years until 2020 3.4 percent and stabilized the share of incoming foreign investments to Arab countries about 2.5 percent of GDP Arab and about 9 percent of the total investment.

Hyena revealed that the Arab region has succeeded since 2003 and so far in attracting about 9 thousand foreign company invests in about 11 thousand projects in the Arab region with the attainment of the number of inter-Arab investment projects with investment projects in 2246 at a total cost estimated at $ 370 billion.

And see the hyena that despite the approach of the size of the cumulative foreign investments received for the Arab States of $ 800 billion balance at the end of 2014, but it is small in light of the financing needs of Arab countries and compared the performance of some other economic blocs, especially with the concentration geographically in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco by ( 67 percent) of the total, as opposed to the nationalities of foreign investors focus on the Arab region in five countries: the United States, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland by more than 80 percent of the total.

Also it warned the hyena to the weakness of the Arab region's economies benefit from foreign direct investment indicators of value-added, export and employment and salaries, wages and tax revenues and contribute to fixed capital formation and in scientific research and development in general, as well as side effects harmful to some investments to compete in the market and sometimes damages the environment, and other aspects of the required monitoring.

He called Hyena Arab countries to guide the recommendations of regional and international institutions in the field of investment, including the HRA index to ensure the investment attractiveness of 109 countries for investment, including 16 Arab countries is made based on 58 variables and 11 sub-indicator covers various economic, social and institutional aspects.

He also urged investors and foreign workers in the region or wishing to do so and the Arabs to resort to agencies that provide guarantees against political and security risks gripping currently the region in an attempt to neutralize them and take advantage of opportunities, noting that the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and Export Credit provided guarantees worth $ 13 billion Hundreds of investors and issuers and financial institutions of all Arab countries and other non-Arab countries have benefited from them.

Š Annahar 2015

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