Deputy for the National: Senstjob Abadi if metastasis has approved the deployment of US troops
December 3, 2015

Deputy warned for the National Alliance, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of "consequences" agreeing to the deployment of US ground forces announced the intention of the United States deployed in Iraq.
Said Mohammed Naji in Tbarj news "if the Abadi take a single decision approving the deployment of US special forces will Nstjoppe in parliament," adding that he "knows [Abadi] very well that the interrogation could lead to a vote of no confidence any dismissal."
He pointed out, that "the deployment of US troops in Iraq if there will be a pull factor for more interference by foreign powers," he said. "We will be Square and other powers to liquidate own accounts."
The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter yesterday announced his country's intention to send a special force to Iraq, "adding that" these forces will be able over time the implementation of the raids and the release of the hostages and the collection of intelligence information and the families of Daash leaders. "
The White House spokesman Josh Ernst announced to reporters on Wednesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi supported American efforts to send [about 200] of the members of these troops to Iraq, "adding" We are talking about ground combat troops and not their own operations. "
A spokesman for the international coalition Colonel Steve Warren said today that the functions of such a force "in all fields ranging from aviation to the collection of information, was the offensive or combat operations are very small."
It is said that al-Abadi response to Carter's announcement "that Iraq does not need a special forces or combat foreign ground on the ground in Iraq," pointing out that "the Iraqi government also emphasizes that any or spread of any particular foreign power or is a private anywhere military operation in Iraq can not be done without her consent and coordination with and full respect for Iraqi sovereignty. "
But US Secretary of State John Kerry, said today that the United States informed the Iraqi government on the entire plan for the deployment of these forces, "noting that" the Iraqi and US governments will hold close consultations on places of deployment and functions. "