White House: Abadi approve the deployment of US troops in Iraq
Dated: December 3, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq, White House spokesman Josh Ernst told reporters on Wednesday evening, said that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi supports the efforts of America to send "about 200" members of special operations forces to Arac.orda to a question about Abadi's remarks about sending additional US troops Iraq said Ernst that those statements related to the combat forces of wild and not operations Acialh.oodhav Ernst forces that the Iraqi prime minister expressed concerns about statements by Senators Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham to send ten thousand US troops to Arac.okan spokesman for the International Alliance Colonel Steve Warren The new special operations force that is being sent to Iraq from the United States likely to be up to about a hundred Ferd.oadav Warren in a press statement on Wednesday, "This force may be about one hundred and maybe a little less, and will be in most of them members of attribution," referring to The functions "vary in all fields starting from aviation to the collection of information, so it will be the force that will be offensive or combat operations are very small." The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter yesterday announced the intention of sending the force to Iraq, "adding that" these special forces will be able over time the implementation of the raids and the release of the hostages and the collection of intelligence information and the families of Daash leaders ".fima said a US official who asked not to be named, told Reuters yesterday that the number of members of the force may be up to about 200.mn his part, General Re Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Carter that Iraq does not need a special forces and stressed "no need for the forces fighting the wilderness of foreign on the ground in Iraq," pointing out that "the Iraqi government also emphasizes that any or spread of any particular foreign power or is private in any place in Iraq can not be a military operation It is without its consent and coordination with and full respect for Iraqi sovereignty. "But US Secretary of State John Kerry, said today that America Iraqi government was briefed on the entire plan for the deployment of these forces," noting that "the Iraqi and US governments will hold close consultations on places of deployment and functions."

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