French warplanes destroy weapons and explosive belts stores of "ISIS" sites in Anbar
Wednesday, 02
December 2015 12:12

Shafaq News / The French Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday, that its fighter planes have launched raids on ISIS terrorist organizations' sites in Anbar province, and confirmed that the strikes hit their targets accurately.

According to a ministry statement, seen by Shafaq News, fighter jets from the French Air Force carried out air raids with the participation of the international coalition forces led by the United States on ISIS sites in al- Qaim area near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The statement added that stores of ammunition and explosive belts of ISIS were destroyed in an industrial site in al- Qaim area in ​​Anbar province, adding that the mission lasted about an hour and succeeded in complete destruction of that site.

France has sent last month, the aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" to participate with the international coalition in the war against "ISIS" terrorists, shortly after the French President , Francois Hollande pledged that his country would step up its air raids against ISIS terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq after the exposure of the capital Paris for a series of terrorist attacks adopted by "ISIS", which killed 129 people and wounded 352 others, which is the deadliest to France and Western countries since the atheist of September attacks in 2001, in New York.