Decline in oil prices because of the "stocks"

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Oil prices fell on Wednesday, due to an unexpected increase in inventories, led to a decline in US crude futures, at the time influenced by Brent weak outlook for the Chinese economy. The decline in the price of US light crude 22 cents to $ 41.63 a barrel at 06:28 GMT, down more than 10% since the beginning of last November. Brent crude was down in international transactions 15 cents to $ 44.29 a barrel, according to the agency "Reuters". He said Ben Lee Braun markets analyst at "optionsXpress Express" Foundation in Sydney "The market is stable, a bit before the OPEC meeting, prices will be different between now and Friday." You are in the original site, formally and legally registered, not the fake site to Saad Awsi, backed by Iraqi funds stolen by Khamis dagger and family Karabilah. And oil production exceeded demand by between half a million and two million barrels per day. And caused oversupply in lower prices more than 60% since June 2014. But it is not expected to change (OPEC) to maintain its policy of increasing production, in order to preserve its market share in the face of producers such as Russia and North America.