Ports: 59 steeped recovered from the ports of Abu Flus, Umm Qasr and Al Shat

General Company of Iraqi Ports revealed on Wednesday, about 59 steeped recovered from the ports of Umm Qasr Abu Flus Shatt al-Arab is a sunken ships and other commercial carriers, oil sank during the Iran-Iraq war. A spokesman for ports Anmar net / scales News / "The Maritime Rescue Department in ports conducted a campaign to raise and lift Aguarq in Iraqi ports in Basra." Safi said that "the difference recovered 12 steeped from the port of Abu Flus and 10 of the port of Umm Qasr and 24 from the rest of the other ports as well as 16 steeped in the Shatt al-Arab channel", noting that "there are many sunken ships in the riparian water border with Iran, you can not The difference from picking them up for the lack of an agreement with the Iranian side, ".

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