Daash tanks bombed by Russian fighter named Turkey

11:38 GMT
Agencies - The member of the Turkish parliament from the Republican People's Party, Crane Erdem, to reveal the relationship smelting Turkish President and Minister of Energy of the new Pratt Albaarac, tanks affiliated with al Daash oil and bombed near the Turkish-Syrian border, said Erdem that Turkey shot down Russian fighter after this located five days.
He said "any place to be bombed from the property Daash in the Middle East, we find that Turkey was involved in it, Valsharrij which were bombed because it is a subsidiary of" Daash "was the name of Turkey, what is the truth of these allegations, which says that these tanks went from Turkey to areas controlled the "Daash" in Syria, quoted oil, and therefore the Russians bombed the tanks after they learned as belonging to the Daash? "- as the radio" Voice of Russia "Today Aloravae- said.
He explained that he got the information from informed sources that the trucks, and the number 500 truck, owned by the family Albaarac and wondered, do you rely on Turkey's policy on energy Daash oil, especially after the appointment of smelting Erdogan and Minister of Energy? https://alrayy.com/160179.htm