Dry calls preachers platforms to focus on peaceful coexistence

Called on the member of the parliamentary human rights committee MP Ashwaq dry, platforms preachers in mosques and Shiite mosques to focus on the importance of peaceful coexistence between the various shades of the people and deter political discourse convulsive. She said dry in a press release the agency "our economy" has received a copy of it, that the continuation of the political discourse fanatical pay in often to fighting between brothers and widen the gap between the components of Iraqi society, which drives to the emergence of the sectarian and ethnic and racial differentiation and the tyranny of segregation and this does not serve the political and security stability in Iraq, so the preachers on platforms that eat in their speeches and sermons the importance of peaceful coexistence and harmony and preservation of individual and group rights and stay away from extremism and intolerance in the deal. " Dry and indicated that the impact of the speakers in the mentality of the citizen is different from the influence of some politicians who deal according to their interests and agendas and trying to walk the street according to their whims and desires and attitudes do not care even if the case came to the fratricidal war between them. "