Criminal Rusafa issue a ruling on the crime occurred in 2003

Ratified the Federal Court of Cassation, on Wednesday, on the Rusafa criminal court judge's decision to imprison former director of educational supervision in the first Rusafa Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education (Dawood Ibrahim Ahmad). According to the investigations department in the Integrity Commission, in Speaking about the case, according to a statement of the Commission and the agency, "our economy" has received a copy of it, that the court and through the course of the investigation and the trial and found that the facts of the case suggest the feet of the Director of Educational Supervision Department in the education of Rusafa first former Directorate of the oldest on the The sum of money in bribes, Vgmt it on the basis of Article 132/3 severe penalties of imprisonment of two years duration. "The Court of Cassation found that the decisions issued by the Criminal Court of Rusafa in the lawsuit was sensitive to the applicable provisions of the law and its application is true and adopted exhibited by sufficient evidence and the facts of the case, so I decided to ratify the decision stated appeals." Integrity Commission also announced Rusafa Criminal Court issuing a ruling to imprison former director general in the Ministry of Education, for stealing a car to the Ministry of Education. And showed "that the convicted (Mohammed Raja Shalah) who served as director general of the Department of Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Education, to take over the oldest type of car (Nissan Patrol) was prepared by the ministry after he left office in 2003". She pointed out that "the court found as a result of available evidence in their possession and recommendations of the investigative committee, as well as the presumption of escape of the convicted from justice, adequate and convincing to incriminate him, Vgmt imprisonment of fifteen years duration, based on the provisions of Article 315 / sanctions."