Fraud and manipulation in the Department of Real Estate Registration towns operations amounted to 153.9 billion dinars

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - December 2: Integrity Commission revealed, the seizure of a large fraud and manipulation in the State Real Estate Operations details, while confirming the arrest of the "main culprit" of those operations. The authority said in a statement received / Iraq Press /, a copy of it, she was "able to adjust the rigging big rig in a circle real estate registration towns operations," indicating that "investigators Integrity caught fraud by real estate registration department staff in the cities," he said, adding that "investigations led to the discovery of the issuance of bonds, real estate is incorrect and false, where the sex of the property was changed from an agricultural to an industrial or from state-owned to the king of exchange; in order to obtain loans and banking facilities are very large sums of state banks." The statement added, "The investigations and audits resulting from the transfer of authority to the Department investigators building and a number of government and private banks have shown that all of these bonds, which revolve around the suspicions signed by the deputy director of real estate registration in the cities." She Commission to "the total amount of loans and banking facilities, which provided for disbursement real estate bonds forged issued by the Land Registry Department in the cities, amounted to 153.9 billion dinars," adding that "the total amount of money which has already been disbursed amounted to 67 billion dinars, while the body was able to prevent disbursed a total of 86.9 billion dinars of the total of loans and advances, as well as the amount of 16 billion dinars prevented the Commission disbursed after the transactions were actually ready for the exchange. " The Commission emphasized that "all its own procedures to prevent drainage and avoided the suspect transactions were under judicial decisions, and she was able with the help of the concerned authorities of the arrest of the accused's main Baghdad airport and bring it back after it was trying to escape, and submit them to justice."