Parliamentary Economy: mafias and states dominate the market to prevent the advancement of the domestic industry

[Baghdad - where] a member of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary Nora Albjara, that "the mafias and states dominate the market dimensions make the return of the domestic industry," she said. The Albjara, told all of Iraq [where], that "the obstacles to re-factories and domestic production, lies in: the money because of financial distress, and the mafias that dominate the market, import, and countries, whether big or regional that you want to keep Iraq intact without industry to remain the only source of goods within the country, as well as the reality of investment.
"noted the importance of that" enters the investment in self-financing companies and the investment companies, and bring solid giants invest some laboratories located, there to be room to invest some self-financing and laboratories companies.
"She drew Albjara that" We have a profitable and large companies lead their payrolls 100% should take advantage of their experience and their plans, which reached out to this level, to Tneh other companies Mnhaha, especially for the coefficient of cement, "emphasizing" the need to prevent the import of materials locally manufactured there to be an opportunity for the sale of material self-financing companies ".
She said," Minister of Industry to develop a plan to display some companies to invest, such as cement companies.
"The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, announced earlier that the ministry is proceeding with its plan for the advancement of the industrial reality of their companies through opening up to the private sector and encourage investment in accordance with conditions similarity specialization and import of production lines and train cadres, and not less than the value-added actually productive for 25% to increase the effectiveness of industrial companies and their contribution to the strengthening of the national economy.
It is noteworthy that, the Ministry of Industry announced on 28 October last, fertilizers Abu Fertile of the plant to the General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers in the southern Basra to Astosmar.