Parliamentary Finance: The government lowered {5} trillion dinars from the budget in 2016

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi stressed that "the 2016 budget did not reach the House of Representatives to Alan, as pointed out that the government has reduced them {5} trillion dinars.
He said al-Tamimi told the News} {Euphrates on Wednesday, "we will start next Tuesday our tasks in the House of Representatives and to this moment we have not received amendments to the 2016 budget by the government."
"The government has to reduce the budget Ptadeladtha the last five trillion dinars, where the total budget previously 106 trillion and 101 trillion has become."
She explained, "Upon receipt of the amendments by the government shall proceed to discuss the budget," asserting that "previous discussions by the House of Representatives regarding the whole budget will change because of the recent amendments made by the government."
The parliamentary finance committee has been revealed in the earlier amendments by the government in the doors of the financial budget for next year, included the reduction of expenditure and income.
The House of Representatives ended its session held regular Sunday of last week to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016.
The Ministry of Finance estimated the average price of oil in the 2016 budget to $ 45, and the export of 3.6 million barrels per day, while confirming that the budget revenues will amount to more than 84 thousand trillion, 73 billion dinars.