Iraqi crude exports going to its highest level in decades

02 December / December 2015

Iraq's oil exports rose in November (November) to 3.37 million barrels per day, registered their highest levels in decades of 2.7 million barrels per day in the previous month, according to confirmed by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

Two officials at the South Oil Company, the state-run, leap exports came thanks to the large amounts of crude were stored because of the weather conditions are bad in the previous month, adding, that it makes it difficult to maintain this level of exports in December (December).

He said one of the officials, "We have additional quantities of crude in storage facilities were not able to shipped, due to bad weather for many days .. we can not maintain the current high level of the standard or exceeded next month."

He said Assem Jihad, spokesman for the Oil Ministry, said November exports (in November), came from average production reached 3.66 million barrels per day, which is also at its highest level in decades.

He added that all shipments exported from the ports of southern Iraq, where shipments stopped in northern Iraq, which move through the pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan completely for the second month in a row. And it increased the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, the independent sales of oil since mid-June, while reducing the company devoted to the Iraqi Oil Marketing government cargoes (SOMO) in an escalating dispute over export rights payments and budget.

Jihad said that the revenue from sales in November (November) amounted to 3.67 billion dollars, while the selling price reached about $ 36.42 a barrel.