Japan to help Iraq to reduce its imports of Iranian oil
25/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Tokyo - AFP announced a Japanese government official said Japan will grant a loan of 400 million euros to Iraq to help them build refineries in order to benefit from its oil and reduce imports of Tokyo of this article from Iran. and promised to Tokyo to give Baghdad a loan of 42.5 billion yen to support the re- reconstruction of infrastructure in this country ravaged by war. said the official in charge of Middle East issues, "The total value of the workshops offered of 160 billion yen and Japanese companies will take part in these works." The decision comes as The United States and Europe put pressure on Japan to stop or at least reduce the oil imports from Iran, which the West accuses of continuing a program of armed nuclear project under the guise of a civilian. Japan imports between 9 and 10 percent of its oil from Iran. Has reduced the volume of imports in the past five years by half, but its ally the United States put pressure on them to take additional measures. either as imports from Iraq is not currently exceeds three percent of its needs. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Koichira Gimba said that his country is committed to "extreme caution" over sanctions proposed by the United States to impose an embargo on Iranian oil, even though he said the day before his support for the measure. justified Gimba his most careful dangers of high oil prices dramatically. In addition to support for Iraq, Japan is considering now how to Saudi Arabia to increase the volume of exports to the archipelago to compensate for the lack of If the next stop oil from Iran.

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