Deputy for Iraq: There are no steps to reassure the upcoming national meeting

02/24/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - Where The MP said the Iraqi List, Hassan Jubouri that there are no steps to reassure the national meeting. The Jubouri told all of Iraq [where] the day he up to now no any steps on the horizon to meet the national expected, indicating that things are still ranged in place through meetings of the political blocs. predicted MP from the Iraqi resolve the issue of the national meeting of whether or not in the coming days. plans to leaders of political blocs held a national meeting after it has been prepare him by a small committee was during the preparatory meetings to provide papers political blocks large in order to reach a unified vision and resolve the current political crisis was not setting a date certain for the meeting or the national meeting and until now there is a tendency to delay take place until after the Arab Summit which is scheduled to be held the end of next month.

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