Thought for the day...Oct 9th
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Thread: Thought for the day...Oct 9th

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    Thought for the day...Oct 9th

    Though I'm hearing rumors of this weekend and maybe an RV on Monday. It seems to be a pretty light news day otherwise in Iraq. It is entirely likely that we will not hear anything politically announced until an RV has been announced so as not to "tip anyone off". The lack of public news is not terribly disturbing.

    The couple of things I find interesting though, Allawi stepped aside for the NCSP chair -Maliki immediately starts "crowing" about how the Council is no longer need in Iraq - but on the other hand he was making nice with the Kurds yesterday saying he "pledges" to implement all aspects of their agreements. So which is it? Then just this morning Talibani and the Kurds are talking about announcing a separate Kurd state. Maliki can't have that - all the oil leaves *poof*. Sounds like a lot of "threats" - I smell smoke...

    We watch the drama unfold...

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