Council calls for Baghdad to ease security measures to facilitate the movement of citizens

Baghdad / Baghdad news
Calls for the Baghdad Provincial Council, on Wednesday, Baghdad Operations Command to ease security measures
For the visit of forty to facilitate the movement of citizens within the capital, as called for all government departments not to punish employees for latecomers always during the days of the date of the visit.
He said the security committee in the council member Saad logistical in an interview I followed "Baghdad news," The security plan launched by the Baghdad Operations Command included the closure of one side of some streets of the capital allocated for visitors traveling on foot to the holy city of Karbala, the other side is open to the movement of the wheels, " He is stressing that "this plan has caused severe traffic jams in all the streets of the capital since the start of its implementation in the morning."
He said "there must be greater coordination between the Baghdad Operations Command and the Council of Ministers and the Baghdad Provincial Council to ease procedures and facilitate the movement of citizens within the capital," he said, adding that the Baghdad Provincial Council decided not to late employee spiral during the days of the visit to punish the difficulty of arriving at the always on time So the other departments can go not to punish their employees during these days. "
The Baghdad Operations Command today began the implementation of the security plan for the protection of visitors peace be upon him in the capital, the death of Imam Hussein, which included the closure of most of the main roads in the capital Baghdad.