Economic grounds to the parliamentary ratification of the law of oil and gas provided by the government
Thursday, February 23 / 2012 10:15

The member of the Economic and Liberal MP for the mass Resan Abdul-Hussein, on Thursday, the House of Representatives to approve the oil and gas law submitted by the Iraqi government, and not allow any file on the management of oil in the country.
He said Resan reporter news agency the future, that: "The political differences between the blocks, which lasted for years, and the succession of crises, blocked a vote on oil and gas law, which remained a vote pending since the previous legislature, which gave the project," noting that "There are regional parties trying to pressure some of the political blocs to block oil law for their personal interests."
And that: "The government and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers submitted a draft draft law of oil and gas, as amended, with the World Alliance of Kurdistan (PUK) project last turn and serve the interests of the region," calling "the House of Representatives to approve the draft law submitted by the Iraqi government, and ignore what others, not entitled to any hand, nor any local administration to manage the oil sector, because it is a resource Ojmah people and not for a certain class. "
Article I of the draft law of oil and gas that the average ownership of the oil and gas back all the people of Iraq in all regions and provinces. The second article was to emphasize that the law applied to the oil operations in all regions of the Republic of Iraq, including the earth and beneath the land as well as in inland waters and territorial waters.