Handed over by his political advisor .. Maliki received a letter from the Libyan Prime Minister about Almatkulaian and looking bilateral relations

21/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a consultant, Libyan Prime Minister for Political Affairs Nasser inhibitor of bilateral relations between Iraq and Libya. A source in the prime minister (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: that al-Maliki met with Chancellor inhibitor and the delegation accompanying him, this afternoon, his office, and discussed with him the political and economic relations and trade between the two countries, as well as what is happening in the region. The source added: Chancellor inhibitor peace-Maliki a letter from the Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Rahim Cape regarding detainees Libyans in Iraqi prisons, noting: that al-Maliki told the reason why he Aatdkhal Elimination Iraqi, but he will try to resolve the crisis detainees Alllippin. The source confirmed: that the inhibitor browse owners of the situation in Libya and the gains of the Libyan Revolution after suffering a four-decades of rule Alqmaqa, and his country's intention Collapse pages of the past by re-opening of his country's embassy in Baghdad and other capitals, and active participation in Arab Summit, The source continued: Maliki in turn Park to the Government and people of Libya, the success of the revolution, and wished to come their revolution further development. this adviser said the Libyan Prime Minister for Political Affairs Nasser Al-Mana said in a statement this afternoon (the news) that Iraq will play a positive role large in the region during the period coming, especially after hosting the Arab summit, stressing: the presence of Libya, at the highest level at the Arab summit in late March next year. added inhibitor in a statement singled out by the Agency (news): that Iraq had a major role will play in the region, where it will be the main theme has, he has good relations with most countries, adding that his visit to Iraq came to break the silence between Libya and Iraq because of the Qaddafi regime. said Chancellor inhibitor: that his country would participate the highest level in the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad late March next, especially after we looked at Althouderiaat good him, by the Iraqi government. announced Adviser to the Prime Minister of Libya for political affairs: the re-opening of his country's embassy in Baghdad in the coming days, it will be before the Arab summit, hoping to restore relations between Baghdad and Tripoli considerably. and the inhibitor: it carries a message of Government and people of Libya to the Iraqi government about Almatkulaian Libyans in Iraq, hoping to resolve their crisis. this and discussed House Speaker Osama Najafi with the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Libya, Nasser inhibitor gains of the Libyan Revolution After suffering more than the four decades of authoritarianism, corruption and tyranny. Nujaifi said in a statement received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday: The Libyan people could then great sacrifices to achieve the first step on the path of righteousness, and wished to come this revolution further development and modernity that the Iraqi people stand with the Libyan people and support for the success of building the modern state. For his part, said Chancellor of the Ngeevi: they Satanon in the writing of the Constitution of their country, which depends mainly on the law of social justice in accordance with the principle of tolerance and turn the page past and qualitative balance of the community. also bore the inhibitor a letter from the Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Rahim Cape on the files of detainees Libyans in Iraqi prisons to Najafi, who said turn on the Iraq's cooperation to resolve this after a comprehensive study of these files by the competent authorities concerned of both the judicial and legal as the two sides reviewed ways of enhancing bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries and ways of Tqoahoshaúj love between their people, after a lapse of several years.

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