U.S. organization: a humanitarian catastrophe threatening the lives of seven million Iraqis

21/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
February 21, 2012 revealed the organization American Iraqi Human Rights, that seven million Iraqis living living conditions very poor as a result of extreme poverty that exists in Iraq, loaded with the government full responsibility. The organization said the U.S. Iraqi Human Rights stated that "there are statistics indicate the presence of seven million people below the poverty and the ages of degrees, and entered one of them does not exceed 37 thousand dinars. " The organization added that "this thing is a humanitarian disaster and an indication of a serious threat to the lives of Iraqis and put them under pain of lack of life." and carried the organization "the Iraqi government full responsibility, because of rampant policy of administrative corruption and lack of social justice and creating class differences of acute and waste of the Iraqi budget abundant of the personal interests of politicians, the Iraqi government and the neglect and corruption of the capabilities of the people. " It showed the organization that "the existence of such an enormous number below the poverty line is the first place the responsibility of the government and its ministry relevant, including the Ministry of Human Rights, which is trying to hide and mislead the truth In this regard the level without responsibility. " The organization called on "all the organizations and the competent international organizations affairs humanitarian and legal pressure on the Iraqi government and an end to indifference to human rights Iraq," asking them to "intervene to follow the humanitarian situation of Iraq miserable too at all levels and contribute to the reduction of this humanitarian disaster list . " The international organizations and field studies that the Iraqi government occupies rank high in corruption, political and financial, which eat away at the body of the state's institutions of government and reduce its efficiency in addressing issues that concern the citizen.

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