Alabtan: There are pending issues with neighboring countries should be agreed upon by the Arab Summit

21/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / However - Osama al-Husseini said the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan that the upcoming Arab summit is being prepared for the session, noting that there are pending issues with neighboring countries, the process of negotiating and agreed upon. said Abtan to the reporter with news the future that: "There are benefits obliges Iraq open channels of communication with the surrounding Arab and regional private and that Iraq has suffered so much during the era of the former regime of international isolation due to its non-responsible to the other countries. " He said: "On Iraq, arrived in pieces and the restoration of ceased task might not be accessible Iraq waiting to file within the foreign relations of Iraq. " adding that: "All the indicators send positive messages by other countries, especially Iraq, and that was his initiative to open a new page and turn the page on the past with others, not to mention the mediating role played by Iraq in the region as a state have good relations with decision makers in the world. " file and see Foreign Relations mobility diplomat actively with the Arab and regional waiting to bear assigned to at a time where everyone is looking forward to the fruits of that movement through the level of representation for the Arab summit awaited Baghdad.

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