Urgent elimination: death sentences for those convicted of killing the Press Secretary to the Minister of Trade

The Central Criminal Court sentenced to death convicted of killing three of the media "Nazim Naeem Qaisi" Press Secretary to the Minister of Trade.
The spokesman for the judiciary, Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "second body Central Criminal Court looked Daoyen belonging to the media the death of Nazim Naeem Qaisi and cover up the crime." He added that "the five defendants appeared before the court, All of them are employees of the Ministry of Commerce, was sentenced one of them to life imprisonment for the crime of cover-up.
"He noted that" death sentences were issued on three convicts confessed before the court detailed the incident, "pointing out that" the court decided to release the fifth defendant for lack of evidence, with not to release him being required for other issues.
"He continued Bayrakdar that" all the evidence was sufficient for a conviction, including: statements prosecutors the right to personal and witnesses and statements of significance, "adding that" the decision was made ​​in accordance with Article IV of the anti-terrorism law which is primary and is subject to discrimination. "
Gunmen assassinated in 14 of last September, the media [Nazim Naeem Qaisi] journalist to the Minister of Commerce secretary.
The specialized Central Investigating Court declared terrorism and organized crime in 21 of the same month for the arrest of four associate security belonging to the protections of the Ministry of Commerce, accusing Network acts of terrorism affected the employees in the ministry, "pointing out that" the network acknowledged the assassination affected the operations staff in the ministry, including the media [Qaisi] .