Oil belongs to the people .. Install the right and the options open
Adel Abdul Mahdi
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Posted 20/02/2012 10:23 AM

Beginning of the reform, we have a great opportunity to reform the entire economic situation of the application of the constitutional article (111), which says the people to the ownership of oil and gas. Venkhvv sagging of the State and the pressure for employment .. And are removing millions from the poverty line .. And start launching the economy and end the holidays Abannaana and the state monopoly. Our vision depends on the pillars interlinking ..
Distribution of oil resources and a policy of moving tax. Instead of going the full resources of the state of the distribution of some of the citizens as a gift and an honor, we change the relationship and turn the equation to receive people and its oil resources allocated to the government and the state you need the full expenses for his service in the form of taxes, moving .. The people's right to the foundation by the Constitution and the interest .. Viazz concept of citizenship and civil economy and the start of the end of the rentier state. And visualization and figures and ratios below simplistic and is only hypothetical. Oil imports (90) trillion dinars .. And population (30) million = 3 million dinars per citizen per year, and Snsmih "income base" .. And distributes the money through the banks to encourage citizens to open accounts and promote the banking habit necessary for the growth of any modern economy .. And local funds can be established to address the structural weakness of the spread of the banking system .. Where we have a branch bank for about (60) thousand citizens, as it is (8.5) thousand in Jordan, for example Nguetta of "income base" starting "oil tax", but not (70%) .. And receives the state - to an elementary deduction - without barriers on (63) trillion / JD, add the rest of the resources to form a budget .. And will remain, however, every citizen (75) thousand dinars per month .. No (450) thousand dinars for the family based on the average family (6) than other sources of income. This would eliminate the poverty line, almost. Can be a progressive tax for high income .. And start the rationalization of support policies .. And reduce expenses, which will provide money for the treasury .. And receives state allocations and gets the citizens of their rights. It's technically not difficult and application of ration card, without great difficulties to overlook the social and economic real .. Kaanmalat increasing laziness, begging and class differences .. And inflation and the increasing tendency to import and transformation of citizens in some way to the employment of the State ..

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