House of Representatives ended the first reading and the second of five laws and set a date next Thursday to vote on the budget

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Ended the House of Representatives in session twenty-second, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the presence of 183 MPs on Monday, 02.20.2012, reading the first and the second of five projects and proposals for laws. At the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the above-Hakim said Mr. Najafi for determining the day Thursday date for the vote on the budget bill, the federal financial public for the year 2012, pointing to continuing the Finance Committee work during this week to include all of the proposals in the bill as well as the continuation of meetings of the Council until the adoption of the budget on Thursday. then followed by the Committee on Culture and Information issued a statement on the occasion of the day World Languages ​​mother pointing out that the Iraqi constitution within in its articles of all nationalities the right to use their languages ​​and recognition of calling for the organization of the law of the official languages ​​of Iraq. The statement stressed the need to adopt the Kurdish language is official in state institutions as well as Arabic language and the establishment of institutes for the development of languages ​​as well as put information on the languages ​​of Iraq in the curriculum and to invite the provinces, which consists of more than one component of national attention to the languages ​​of those nationalities. the other hand denounced the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in a statement that the attacks unjust, which affected homes and offices Motamedi religious authorities, especially Motamedi the highest religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, demanding the security services to provide maximum protection for the offices of scientists and their homes and mosques and to hold those involved. after the Council ended the first reading of bill forensic medicine and submitted by the committee on health and the environment, which comes due to the importance of forensic medicine and to develop and support so as to ensure coverage of his duties to the fullest and to raise efficiency workers and give them benefits that are commensurate with the seriousness of their work and attract people with medical professionals and health to work in it. also completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention against the Taking of hostages and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and Human Rights for the participation of Iraq to the international community in the development of effective measures to prevent all acts on the crime of taking hostages and prosecution as a manifestation of international terrorism. In interventions, ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, MP on the Keywords that the process of taking hostages from the terrorist acts condemned by all standards referring to the importance of amending the Convention or not to ratify it as it deals double between state and another. said Deputy Governor Zamili to the existence of countries that practice international terrorism and kidnap peoples whole, such as Israel and America adding Macamt by the regulations Arab resistance resorted to the method of taking hostages in order to liberate its prisoners abducted in Israel. He pointed deputy Mehdi Haji that the ratification of the Convention for the Ivy purpose required of them especially that Iraq passed through a difficult over the past years, which requires the enactment of the special includes stiff penalties against those who take hostages. MP Sami al-Askari was believed that the ratification of the Convention gives the new image of Iraq to the international community, pointing out that the rejection of ratification of the Convention sends a message wrong and a green light encourages those who want the practice of hostage-taking in Iraq. In response indicated the Commission on Human Rights to the fake to approve the draft law of the Convention, especially as the criminal jurisdiction of the remainder of the right of Iraq, and that the agreement will not impose on the country in the nature of the punishment for those involved, pointing to the existence of significant gains in the event of ratification of the Convention which include countries, organizations and people. and completed the second reading of the proposed law preventing the importation of games that incites violence and submitted by the Committee of Women, Family and Children to renounce violence among children and spread the spirit of tolerance, cooperation, and evaluate social behavior and education to create a generation of sound. In the interventions of women The MPs on the bill, said MP Hamid Terminal to the spread of games inciting to violence has negative effects social and health. and MP Haider Mulla on the importance of the bill after the prevalence of manifestations of violence in Iraqi society, which requires a culture of tolerance, pointing out that the spread of violent video games require the development of strategic plans in cooperation with merchants Games to address this issue without resorting to sanctions. either MP, Schiller Aziz has called for a reduction of the sentence contained in the draft law against anyone who violates prevent import games inciting violence. For its part, demanded the MP reproach league coverage in conflict with the decision to import games children to Article 4 terrorism. expressed MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim support for any measure to contribute to spare the country down the path of violence, noting the need to identify games that fall within the framework of the concept of violence. considered MP Hanan al that the actual application of the law is very important to address the problem of widening, especially in light of the continued spread of Games instigator of violence in the markets and shops. and MP Najib Abdullah to not only the procedures contained in the law which should be involved media organizations, religious, educational and civil society organizations to spread the ideas of tolerance. and Rat MP high Nassif no need to enact the law and only that issue and the Ministries of Interior and Commerce strict instructions to prevent the importation of games that incites violence. For his part, pointed Attorney Mahmoud Hassan to the presence of the impossibility in the application of this provision in practice because there is no distinction between games inciting to violence than others, indicating the importance of working to change the name of the law to fit with what is in the materials as well as need to have the Legal Committee's role is clear in the bill, which contains penal provisions. in turn, suggested Rep. victory Jubouri Chairperson of the Committee that its Committee obtained the approval of the Legal Committee to continue reading and it will adopt the proposals and interventions, ladies and gentlemen of Representatives is working to amend the wording the final of the law. In regard to the last announced Finance Committee that the report on the budget will be ready on Wednesday to brief by the Council before the vote on the budget on Thursday. For their part, demanded a number of the MPs not to rush to vote on the budget to give the MPs some time to familiarize themselves in detail on the Tqriralganh financial and in order to rectify the mistakes that occurred in previous budgets, while others felt the importance of approval on Thursday because the delay caused harm to citizens and hinder investment projects. and completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the promotion and protection of investment between the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the French Republic and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the economy and investment for the purpose of promoting cooperation and the protection of investment between the two countries. In interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs indicated MP Nasreen Anwar that the agreement is very important for the development of investment relations between the two countries. and MP Bayazid Hassan said the agreement good for strengthening cooperation in various fields with France. in turn, said Mr. purity of net debt and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs the importance of the vote on the agreement, especially that the government is the conclusion of agreements on the basis of paragraph 6 of the Constitution, conducted negotiations with the French side was the ratification of the Convention in the Council of Ministers in view of the owned by the France of the huge potential in several areas that could serve the interests of Iraq. the other hand, completed Council second reading of the bill and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, submitted by the Committee Services and Construction, which aims to review the organizational structure of the Ministry and its functions and powers and increase production and improve the quality in this sector.

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