Najiba Najib: will reach final conclusions on the federal budget in the coming days

Sunday, February 19, 2012 16:27

[Baghdad - where]

Announced that the parliamentary finance committee member from the Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib that "will reach its final conclusions on the federal budget for the current year in the coming days."

Najib said all of Iraq, told [Wayne] said Sunday that "the parliamentary Finance Committee continues and continues to study all proposals and objections and opinions by members of the House of Representatives on the financial budget and final statements for the years past."

The Finance Committee of the Parliament at its meeting last week confirmed its demanding changes to the budget bill and make transfers in other aspects with a focus on some aspects of which has not been resolved until now, especially with regard to increase the salaries of retirees and expansion in degrees career for a number of ministries as well as interest in network protection social as well as a number of important issues.

It is said that the government had approved in early last December's 2011 budget in 2012 a total amount of [100] billion dollars, which is the largest budget in the history of Iraq and handed over to the House of Representatives for approval is that the council because of Alkhlaqat between the political blocs has not ratified it so far, led to the suspension of exchange in many projects and provinces complained of the delay. ended 2