Sources: Egyptian officials prevented the payment of "transfers zero"

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. diplomatic sources revealed that the Iraqi government in Baghdad has reached understandings with the Egyptian government over the remittance payment of debts of zero in the earlier

However, the interventions by some Egyptian officials in the government of Field Marshal hindered the completion of any deal.

The sources, who preferred not to give her name in an interview with \ Baghdadiya News \ "The Egyptian government first, which was formed after the revolution directly reached an agreement with Iraq to repay a large part of the" remittance zero, "but that the agreement has been postponed because of the insistence of senior Egyptian officials on the Iraq's assets to pay the debt with full interest, not only assets "

The sources pointed out that "the Egyptian officials insisting that they returned to the same opinion, which was adopted by former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has made it very difficult to deal with them"

Pointing out that "the negotiations now under way to resolve the problem of" Zero remittance "but the Egyptians put new conditions, including the remittance pay with benefits in addition to linking military and commercial debt owed by Iraq, which last the conclusion of any agreement"

To the Ambassador Mohammed al-Badri, Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs in a press statement that the total Egyptian debts to the race is about 7.1 billion dollars, of which $ 408 million the value of "remittances zero" for Egyptians and $ 236 million as debt trading and 524 million dollars owed military as well as special benefits Balihulat zero, which amount to $ 540 million.

Badri said - in front of a meeting of the Arab Affairs Committee of the People's Assembly today - "The Iraqi delegation, who visited Egypt recently asked to pay the debt remittance amounting to zero, provided $ 408 million to waive the benefits of State refused to do so."

Badri added: "The State does not put a ceiling to negotiate, but in the process of negotiation that determines the debt and interest through cooperation with the concerned State, including the Finance and Central Bank and the strong force."

The meeting will be held Tuesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the Iraqi side, until the restoration of Private Debt remittances zero, and even negotiated the value of the debt without turning to the Paris Club is also asking for and said: "The issue of remittances zero of important topics, which attaches external special interest" , stressing that the State can not waive the indebtedness of the Egyptians have urged Iraq's parliament revolution with its legislative and put more pressure on the Iraqis to get the financial Msthaqat Egyptians have been frozen for more than 20 years. Over \ 24 \.