Barzani addresses Baghdad: you complete the agreements Erbil

20.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / menopausal Hossam Sam - long the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, yesterday, expressed the hope that the Conference would be held in the "lift the country out of its current crisis," but he stressed the need to implement the "Baghdad" agreements Erbil, which formed the government, considering Many of those agreements "pushed aside". This comes at a time of new National Alliance announcing abide Erbil, expressing his willingness to resolve all disputes with the Kurdistan region, including the file of Article 140 and the Peshmerga and the oil and gas law, and declined to urge the Iraqi List, the adoption of one-third as to represent the audience in state institutions. Barzani said in a speech by decree commemoration of the 59 to the founding of the Youth Union of Kurdistan "We are awaiting the convening of the national conference convened by the President of the Republic of Iraq out of its current crisis," adding that "the region will continue its efforts to address the problems in Baghdad." However, Barzani at the same time, said, "but must also be implemented Baghdad agreements Erbil, which was founded under the current government, "noting that" there are issues agreed upon, but shelved after the formation of the government, such as the application of Article 140 of the Constitution and the issue of the Peshmerga retained Moisnthm years ago, and the reorganization of the military establishment and the issue of partnership in governance. " and On the other hand, said a member of the negotiating team for the National Alliance, the head of the Badr parliamentary Qasim al-Araji, "We are committed to agreements Erbil and it is in our paper submitted to the National Conference, there is no turning back", but he explained, "under the high roof of the demands of the blocks and the unwillingness of some to resolve the political crisis and the insistence of the Iraqi input files with the legal nature as well as lack of confidence, not destined for the National Conference of success. " al-Araji, between, in an interview with the (range) yesterday, "that the draft of the National Council of the Supreme policies, oil and gas are before the House of Representatives and this means that there are serious in their adoption, The Article 140 has the form of the parliament a committee of 39 members, but did not meet until the moment which is unfortunate and untrue. " As for the claim Barzani to find a solution to file Peshmerga explained al-Araji, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in parliament, "I join my voice to the President of the Region must find settlement of this thorny issue, security of Iraq is everyone's responsibility. " and calls for Iraq to balance, especially in the military objected to by the negotiating team for the National Alliance on the list by saying "They want a third in the state institutions and that is unreasonable, balance is the proportion segments of society, and if the modern for the security ministries, the fatwas issued by the terms of reference slide represented by Iraq after 2003 and prevented them from engaging in the military is the cause and resolve it quickly but do not be a need for a time we can not give directly to the employees of the security forces fought against terrorism under the pretext of balance. "

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