Representatives of the political blocs: a tentative agreement to resolve issues in accordance with the Constitution and the political consensus and legislative

19/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) at large representatives of the political blocs in the preparatory meeting of the fourth national meeting, that meeting of the Committee, this evening, it was the most successful meetings. said Vice President of the Republic Khodair al in a press conference held with representatives of the political blocs after the meeting was attended by a reporter (Agency news ) on Sunday: The atmosphere at the meeting was positive and all the ideas, the representatives of the blocks close. Khuzai said: We will work on these ideas, developed and elaborated to the paper to meet the national, and continued: Let me claiming it is the best sessions at the meetings, noting: that Iraq is on the verge of a breakthrough political, and on the steps to complete stability. For his part, said the representative of the Iraqi List, Adnan al-Janabi: The atmosphere was positive, and her work was more than the rest of the meetings, he said, adding: We hope to prepare a paper for future meetings. He said al-Janabi: he feels the presence of fulfilling the obligations, which is the main motive to complete the preparatory meetings. with Achtsr Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways Speaking at Almatmrmath said, the atmosphere was positive, and we have to many solutions. As the leader of the Liberal block the National Alliance MP Bahaa al-Araji, has announced Anjazorqh was agreed on most of its principles, which emphasize the abide by the constitution. Araji said at the conference itself: everyone agreed to resolve the issues according to the Constitution, which does not resolve according to the constitution will be in accordance with legislative or political consensus, according to a timetable will be determined later.

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