Kurdish organizations fillet announces its position statements Maliki had on Sunday

08-10-2011 | (صوت العراق) - شفق نيوز 08-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Kurdish organizations announced the fillet, on Saturday, held on the Sunday news conference to demand that the Iraqi government decisions to activate half the Faili Kurds, and the emphasis on their nationality.

According to a statement, I got "Twilight News", a copy of it, "A number of organizations Kurdish Faili held a press conference, attended by the media and satellite channels, tomorrow, Sunday, for the ninth of October this, calling on the central government to half-slice Faili Kurds and activate the decisions of the High Criminal Court and the Council of Representatives. "

The statement added that "the press conference will show the position of the Kurdish organizations Faili of statements by some politicians, who called to give the Faili Kurds a separate identity," pointing out that "the Kurdish Faili organizations refuse to win votes at the expense of Mazlomah Faili Kurds."

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a speech while attending the second anniversary of the founding of the National Congress-General of the Kurds Faili last Saturday that it must be for the Kurds Faili separate identity for them, must be a tent-sharing, Tabriz, this component of the components that are fighting on the partnership and the marginalized, he said, adding that Iraqis need to know who they are Kurds Alfelaon because many of them need a definition, and a lot of the people of this component are scholars in seminaries who are working with the Iraqis and they do not know they Cord Fillion.

The Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and after the decision of the High Criminal Court in the case of Faili Kurds had demanded that all parties concerned in the federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to follow up all Mikhaddm equity Faili Kurds in all respects and to make available all the means to compensate and return all their confiscated by the former regime.