Leaders of the Dawa Party are proposing on Maliki to step down from the presidency of the party
- 19/02/2012 AD - 11:07 AM

Sources from within the ruling Dawa party, told news that the Shatt al-Arab leadership of the party met a few days ago Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, demanding him to step down from his party represented by Secretary General of the Dawa party and his official position sufficiency as prime minister and commander in chief of the armed forces.
The sources said that the writer and Haider al-Abadi, and Walid al-Hilli and good inch and others of the party leadership met with Maliki a few days ago and asked him to step down from the Secretariat of the Party and delivered to a leadership which until the new elections, and arguing that non-empty-Maliki to manage the party and sagging joints of the party for its lack of interest in the presidency and the presence of risk for the occurrence of splits in the party in the event of the continuation of the case as it is.
The sources added that al-Maliki rejected the request outright and said that he elected by the previous conference (which is passed-standing), which has led to his election as Secretary General of the Dawa Party, instead of Ibrahim al-Jaafari's breakaway from the party and take it as an attempt to get around what was at the conference.
These sources and confirmed that the differences and reached its peak and that the party leadership is working to mobilize the largest number of elements to put pressure on Maliki to accept this request.
The Dawa Party, the ruling since it was set to split multiple shades of the most prominent of the Dawa Party, the organization of Iraq and the Dawa party organization and cadres inside the call and call and Ansader National Reform Movement, and perhaps the last big differences will lead to new divisions in the ranks of the party who suffers severely from the challenge of providing services to the people and the failure in the management of the Iraqi state.