Chihod: Today's meeting will contribute to solving topics to be discussed at the national meeting
Sunday, 19 February / فبرا2012 10:4

BAGHDAD / As said the National Alliance MP Mohammed Chihod, Sunday: "The hopes pinned on the meeting today because it will contribute to a definitive solution of topics and themes that are traded within the national meeting. "
He said to the reporter Chihod news agency said the future: "Every list submitted her paper at the same time there is a dispute between these papers and it needs to include concessions and so we can get out of the list of national standard."
He pointed out that: "All the papers will mix and paper will come out the blocks one is announced that this paper is to include these items and discuss these problems and crises in the blocks between fundamental and included within this paper are discussed within the national meeting."
He stressed that: "In the opinion of another coalition to resolve the issue Hashemi and Saleh al-Mutlaq, that solved this problem before the National Congress in order to not be a stumbling block and create a new crisis."