Abadi adviser explains the pros put the category of 50 000 dinars Sunday

The new model expected cash Category
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that Iraq needs a central bank issuing cash paper of 50 thousand dinars category, to shorten the transaction, given that the country is dealing cash payments and no credit cards in circulation in the West Kalveza CARD or MasterCard and other cards and instruments.
And Saleh, in an exclusive interview with Radio tow, that the issuance of the largest category of cash, is a financial project put forward since 2006 at the Economic Commission (in the cabinet), which is currently equivalent to about $ 46 (depending on the exchange rate), explaining that the major Iraqi currency accounted for 90% of banknotes, so the issuance of 50 thousand class will strengthen those currencies and contributes to the shortcut transactions.
And a project to delete the zeros and repair system of cash payments, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said, he has seen bickering prevented obtaining the support and recognition of the Council of Ministers in 2012.
He believed that the new currency version of the 50 dinars category, will reduce the cash currency carry on the citizen, as it reduces the count sorting and storage operations in the banks and therefore the consequent cost private said it was "very high", adding that it would push for raising the efficiency of the system of cash payments .
Saleh expressed surprise at the criticism directed some resolution version of this new category, and called on them to not to dwell in the affairs is not their specialty, and expected formally awarded within the circulation and salaries early next year.