Abtan approval of the House of Representatives is expected to balance the financial end of the month

Sunday, February 19, 2012 16:47

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates expect the parliamentary economic committee member Abdul-Hussein Abtan House of Representatives to approve the financial budget for the current year end of the month.

The House of Representatives ended the second reading of the bill with the financial budget is not reached by the vote.

He said Abtan told {Euphrates News} "The discussions on the financial budget is still continuing in the parliament and there are members of the House of Representatives did not give their comments on the financial budget until now, which means that the period of the debate will continue about a week or more to give a chance To those MPs to express their observations."

"The Finance Committee has not yet seen the House of Representatives on its observations on the financial budget as well as there are claims by some members to increase the salaries of retirees and improve the ration card items which takes time to discuss those requests."

The Abtan that "the bill on the financial budget vote in the House of Representatives requires the presence of fully convinced by members of the Council."

The Iraqi government approved on 5 December last budget year 2012 amounting to $ 100 billion in about 117 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion {17 trillion dinars}.

The percentage of funds allocated for investment projects in the budget, 35%, while the rest of the acquired operating budget, particularly on the remaining ones.

The Government has adopted the Iraqi oil price of $ 85 basis, and expect, through differences in the price of oil, to cover more than $ 10 billion deficit. Finished