Economist: petro-dollar project will give the oil-producing provinces of their rights
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Thread: Economist: petro-dollar project will give the oil-producing provinces of their rights

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    Economist: petro-dollar project will give the oil-producing provinces of their rights

    Economist: petro-dollar project will give the oil-producing provinces of their rights

    19/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Baghdad (news) has ruled out economic expert, Abdul-Sattar al-Bayati, the impact of the project petro dollars on the financial allocations of the general budget, the fact that there is a plan with the Ministry of Oil to increase production of oil. Bayati said (of the Agency news ) on Sunday: You must implement a project petro dollars being granted to the provinces of their rights, which is produced from oil, noting that most of those provinces suffering from lack of services and infrastructure, in addition to the lack of financial allocations assigned to them by the federal government. He added that the implementation of the project petrodollars will will not affect the financial allocations of the general budget thanks to plans by the Ministry of Oil to increase oil production and export capacity of oil, as well as an increase in oil prices, global markets as a result of economic crises experienced by some countries. He explained: the federal government to take into account Mahromeh Some provinces and poverty rates that increase each year, although it is rich in oil resources, calling to give part of the oil imports of Finance to those provinces and give them full power to act on these funds to eradicate poverty and promote aspects of service and economic to the provinces. noted: the importance of a study of inclusive prior to the implementation This project is to identify the most important developments that must be taken through the application of this law in order to avoid economic problems in the country that may occur during the implementation of this law. said: that the economy is still Rieia unilaterally in the event of delays in project work oil or low oil prices worldwide will to the economic crisis is difficult to solve in the country.

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    have heard from a very reliable source that Johnny is in fact a Skooter salesman from Canada.....although that doesn't suggest that his information is any less valuable than any of the other Gurus the fact still remains that none of the Gurus have been correct. All the contacts in high places have been either fakes or simply fed false information by colleagues in an effort to shatter our dream of an RV. I wonder sometimes how many of these gurus truly have valuable contacts and how many are just nobodies that have wiggled their way into the Dinar community with words they stole from others with just a little bit of knowledge. There are quite a few people that simply make daily comments on the IQD blogs in an effort to stay popular among the new investors, without really bringing any information to this investment what so ever. I wish they would simply fade away and realize that their egos are hurting more of the dinar investors than helping. Let’s all be realistic and ask ourselves how many of these folks really have a close colleague within the UST or the FBI or the CIA or the IMF? or is it more likely that the majority of these people are just really successful at reading a multitude of the IQD sites and consolidating the comments of others to make themselves appear to be connected and informed. These blogs allow average narcissist behavior from people that have in reality no valid information about this investment what so ever, but because so many of the folks invested here are desperate for this RV they are overly willing to believe what they write.

    I got in a heated argument with a lifelong friend the other day about the validity of this investment, he has been doubtful of the RV from the day he invested in it based on my recommendation simply based on his judgment of the character of many of the Gurus. He originally listened to a PTR ccall last spring and didn't care very much for Dan and Tony and their MLM approach. He recently has had many of the IQD gurus investigated online to make more judgments based on the lack of credentials that these folks truly have. My argument was that this investments merits standalone regardless of the words or predictions of any of these people. The comments of the gurus are similar in my opinion to those of a pre-race pick sheet that someone might buy at the Horse track to help make decisions on the bets they might make during the day. Nobody is forcing anyone to listen to these Gurus but, out of their own desperation many of the IQD investors feel inclined to listen because they truly have no contacts of their own and want to feel connected in some way to the RV timeline. The Gurus wouldn't exist without that almost addictive need to feel connected to this investment and the dream that comes with it. It’s very obvious that many people are losing perspective of what is happening with the IQD because they have put way too much faith in what these people are saying day after day. The bashing that happens on these sites is simply an eruption of those investors emotions having been misled over and over and over again by people they were sure were telling them the truth. I think that is the most frustrating part of this investment......the regret that you feel having given credibility to someone that you wouldn't ordinarily even listen to had you met them in person. The vicious cycle of madness starts on Monday's when you wake up and nothing has happened after being told during the week by any number of highly connected people that this was the last week we would be in this investment.....your emotions run the gambit of furry and disbelief but they always end Monday evening in self-loathing for giving credibility to some fool that you never should have listened from the start.

    This doesn't mean that the IQD won't revalue it simply means none of us know when it will revalue. If you share any emotions over at PTR other than pure adoration for Dan and Tony the mods will ban you from the site and continue to charge your credit card. Having listened to too many of their ccalls I have a really unhealthy opinion of the folks that have invested in the IQD. There are too many gullible mom and pop teams that have placed far too much faith in these very average characters. But in the end these folks aren't being forced to listen, they do so because their desperate to believe this investment is real and that their lives will someday change dramatically when the IQD revalues.

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