Thought for the day....Oct 8th
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Thread: Thought for the day....Oct 8th

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    Thought for the day....Oct 8th

    Looks like my thought for Oct 6th got lost - Hmmmmm??

    I didn't do one yesterday because we were kind of looking for the news to break - one way or the's starting to, so HANG ON!!

    The big news is Allawi took his "hat out of the ring" for the Chairman of the NCSP board the other day. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether this is good or bad for us. Personally, I think it's good - just not an immediate solution. Mainly, it is still Allawi being Allawi and pouting about being snookered by Maliki out of the Premiership.

    Funny enough though - Allawi encouraged his Al-Iraqya party members to defect with him and much to everyone's surprise (including Maliki) they just sat there and looked at him. Not only did they not follow him on his "walk-out", they immediately put forth the names of 5 others candidates for the Chairmanship of the NCSP - this issue is not going away (as Maliki was pushing for - now that Allawi is out of the way)....they will force it to a conclusion sometime soon.

    There is also the murmur of news that Al-Iraqya will meet soon and pick the final candidate to take Allawi's spot. Allawi has done this a few times now and his party is getting kind of tired of the "jackassery" - every time he does this it abdicates their rights and assigns as a party. That phase is over - as I see it.

    A couple of days ago Maliki (the master of the flip-flop) was trying to say (and still might attempt a challenge) that the NCSP board was somehow "unconstitutional" and not needed. Now that he see's no one seems to be shaken my Allawi stepping out he's gotten all kinds of nice with the Kurds (as late as this morning).

    Like I said the other day - Allawi might be gone - but the Maliki powerbase is eroding rapidly. He needs some allies in the worst way. As recent as yesterday (in the news) he was snuggling up to Sadr at the memorial for the Senior....Last week Sadr wouldn't even accept a delegation from Maliki - they wouldn't let them in the front door. The Kurds didn't bat an eye when Allawi walked and Al-Iraqya had new guys picked overnite. Allawi being gone is a good thing (he's kind of a baby and he did preside over the most corrupt government in Iraq's history) - but they still need to "marginalize" Maliki's influence somehow before the CBI and Iraq's reserves are truly safe. Just part of a budding democracy...

    Stay sharp - the news will be very busy for the next few days....BGG

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