Fadhili faith: on the political blocs to resolve outstanding issues between them before the Arab summit

18/02/2012 19:32:00
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The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad / Samar Abbas suggested ... the National Alliance MP for the faith of the Fadhili national meeting before the Arab summit at the same time stressing the need to resolve political issues prior to the last.

Said Fadhli Moved in a press statement the reporter (and independent Iraqi news agency) the political blocs that they must resolve the outstanding issues between them before the Arab summit and leave the personal interests to be able to consolidate its position towards projects that will be put up in the summit Expressing The hope in the success of the national meeting to resolve the current political crisis
Referring to the political blocs that if you can not resolve their differences at the national meeting will not be able to take advantage of what will be put in the Arab Summit.