Financial: Approval to increase budget allocations for all other than the required percentages

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2012 13:56

Twilight News
/ revealed the parliamentary finance committee, on Saturday, that all requests for increased allocations will be included in the budget at rates less than required, emphasizing the continuing adjustments and transfers on the bill this year's budget.

A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib in an interview with "Twilight News"that "there are a lot of requests for the allocation of money from the budget of which increase the salaries of retirees, and grades, and the network of social protection, and support for women, and to compensate victims of terrorism, and increase grades, and increasing specialization Ministry of Displacement and Migration, and many other applications. "
The answer that "the Commission is now being detailed study of the applications submitted to it to stand on the points can be made transfers them to calculate the ratio and the required amounts in which," noting that "it is difficult to meet all requests as we are bound by the roof's total budget, not the validity of the Parliament be increased but only his work on the transfers, a reduction of some customizations. "
, However a member of the Finance Committee by saying that "there would be no rejection of the requests for increased allocations in the budget, but not the amounts and percentages listed in," indicating that the Finance Committee will give priority to increase the salaries of retirees, and the network of social protection, and increase the proportion of grades. "
She Najib that "Article 23 for abundance to increase oil exports is that we will adopt to meet the demands to increase the allocations," asserting that "the Finance Committee in the process make adjustments, and transfers to the budget bill for submission to the House of Representatives for approval in principle on Monday."
He called Vice President of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail, last Thursday, to identify limits of time to send a budget to vote not to repeat them as is the case every year, calling for the allocation of financial abundance in this year's budget for the treatment of patients with cancer.
The Iraqi government has approved the federal budget for 2012, the end of last year, valued at $ 100 billion, an increase of 22% from the previous year, a deficit of about $ 13 billion, as revealed the Finance Committee representative from reaching the operating budget 70% of the budget in 2012 However, the House of Representatives to now not been able to approving the budget as a result the large number of applications and customizations and complexity.