Iraqi List will name five candidates to replace Allawi for head of NCSP

Revealed an MP for the Iraqi List and the unit Jumaili, Friday, for the presence of five figures from the Iraqi List, will be announced, one of them to assume the presidency of the Council policies after abandoning Allawi for his presidency.

The Jumaili in a press statement that “there are five characters are trading around within the Iraqi List of candidates for the Presidency of the Council of strategic policies,” pointing out that “there are attempts by deputies in the Iraqi working on the re-Allawi to consider its decision and chair the Policy Council, the appointment that is important.” .

She added that her coalition Jumaili “will not give up the policy board even after the abandonment of Allawi about it, because the right of the Iraqi Council of which has a lot of characters that can he efficient.”

Jumaili accused “a coalition of state law to disrupt the enactment of the Council of strategic policies,” adding that “the option of withdrawal of the Iraqi ministers of the government’s off the table now because it’s not about them, but the political agreements on the policy board.”

The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, announced yesterday, giving up the Presidency of the Council of strategic policies, because of what he called the repudiation of the political agreements

This is turning into big news (remember me saying it was THE important issue?) - there are starting to be and will be soon, too many articles on it to keep up with on the subject. This is good for us. BGG